• Sunday, January 1, 2017

    Through the Camera, 30 Years Later

    Photography is one of the most powerful instruments used to save memories and emotions. In 1982, Swiss photographer Barbara Davatz met a young couple and took their picture, but she had no idea that it would be the beginning of a 30-year photo project. At that time, she took shots of 12 young and happy couples.
    Time passed, and Barbara got curious about changes within the couples. She found her models and asked them to come back again. She continued shooting them in 1988, 1997 and 2014. Some of the subjects of her photos broke up, some of them came with kids and the others were either with new partners or alone.

    Friends Beni and Andi (1982) — Beni with family (2014) — Andi with family (2014)

    Bianca and Ernesto (1982) — Bianca and Ernesto (1997) — Bianca and Carlo (2014)

    Carol and Serge (1982) — Carol and Serge (1988) — Carol and Serge (2014)

    Barbara and Sasha (1982) — Sasha and Barbara (1988) — Sasha with family (2014)

    Fabian and Regula (1982) — Vimbai, Regula and Lukas (1997) — Fabian (2014)

    Zonhild and Matthias (1988) — Zonhild and Matthias (2014)

    Rico and Tiziana (1982) — Tiziana and Rico (1988) — Tiziana (2014)

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