• Sunday, December 11, 2016

    Vibrant Paintings from the Dreams by Dimitra Milan

    Dimitra Milan, he young artist grew up surrounded by art in her home from a very early age. She started painting four years ago when her artist parents opened Arizona’s Milan Art Institute and let her take any class she liked. There, she immersed herself in everything from classical oil techniques to contemporary mixed media. By the time she turned 15, she was already a celebrated artist.

    “My artistic process always begins by drawing a loose sketch of the subject onto textured canvas. After the sketch is complete, my next steps become specific to the final envisioned painting.
    For mixed media oil, I begin by layering different papers directly on the sketched canvas creating one-of-a-kind characteristics and a collage effect. At this stage, I may be inspired to use spray paint or add acrylic elements. For an oil on canvas piece, I will add transparent colors in oil paint staining the drawing.
    After working over the initial sketch for both oil and mixed media, I use subtractive tools to develop the highlights bringing the form to life. Rich, dark colors and stylized brush strokes are then thoughtfully intermixed to my work in progress. When the painting is dry, I add more paint and layers creating different effects and textures; some elements are left abstract and others are rendered more realistic.
    I often paint women with animals and nature to create a dreamy atmosphere to give the feeling anything is possible.” – Dimitra Milan

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